Number Recognition 0-20 Mats and Worksheets

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Grab these no-prep numbers 0-20 worksheets for your preschool and kindergarten math centers! There are 5 counting mats per number 0 -20. Easily use these mats for preschool counting activities and math centers. Each number 0 to 20 worksheet mat allows students to create, draw, write, and engage through fun hands-on learning experiences.

How to Use Numbers 0-20 Worksheets

  • Print of each number mat includes 105 different mats.
  • Place play-dough, small manipulatives, paint, q-tips, snap cubes, pom-poms, and other objects that fit each mat at a math center.
  • Let students build, draw, trace, and increase fine motor skills using these mats!

Optional after printing each number 0-20 worksheets off place in sheet protector or laminate to reuse all year long! Even with the painting ones you can leave out wet towels or my favorite, baby wipes for students to wipe away the paint! The perfect way to reuse these numbers 0-20 worksheets all year long.

Print these numbers 0-20 worksheets once and reuse them all year long! Your students will love how interactive these numbers 0 -20 worksheets are and will enjoy the different mats and manipulates they can use to build each number.

No Prep Numbers 0-20 Worksheets Include

  • Play-dough mat tracing
  • Small manipulative mats such as pom-poms or mini erasers
  • Snap cube build the number mat
  • Trace the number mat
  • Decorate/rainbow write the number

In addition, with these number mats, students will trace each number, learn the number using tally marks, dominos, dice, and practice the written word form for each number 0 to 20.

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