Phonics, Beginning Sounds, Letter Tracing and Letter Recognition Bundle

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The ultimate bundle for phonics games, beginning sound activities, and alphabet tracing fun! Whether you are teaching 3-year-olds, preschoolers, or kindergarteners these engaging and hands-on games and activities are a must for teaching the alphabet and letters!

Check out this comprehensive list of what is included

Phonics, Beginning Sound Task Cards

  • Practice beginning letter sounds with these phonics task cards. Students will identify the picture that begins with the letter given for letters A-Z. Next, students will thread cards through pipe cleaners, stir sticks, straws, or stick-like objects. Easily make over 200 interactive task cards a self-checking literacy center for beginning letter sounds and initial sounds poke card activities.

Matching Capital and Lowercase Letters

  • These self-checking task cards are perfect for literacy centers. It includes over 500 task cards (18 per letter) where students will match the capital to the lowercase letter. Also, this center uses increases fine motor skills with threading pipe cleaners or small stick-like objects.

Alphabet Tracing Cards

  • These low prep alphabet tracing cards also make a great literacy center! Easily use small manipulatives and expo markers to trace each letter and a word that begins with that letter. In addition to 4 cards per letter, it includes extra vowel cards to practice long and short vowels. Total there are 124 low prep tracing cards. Just laminate and reuse all year!

Alphabet Mats and Beginning Sounds

  • These alphabet mats are great for sensory bins and letter introduction. There are 26 different mats with 9 picture cards for each letter. Students will grab a mat with a letter on it and find a word that beginnings with that letter. These are great for sensory bin activities and literacy centers.

Hands-on Alphabet Tracing Activities + Fine Motor Letter Building

  • Practice letter tracing through hands-on no prep activities! This letter tracing resource includes 12 different no-prep activities for each letter! Each letter activity can be used for literacy centers, fine motor practice, and letter tracing. These hands-on activities can be used year-round to review handwriting and letter recognition. These will save you valuable time and make your literacy centers highly engaging while enhancing fine motor abilities too! Not only can these be used for centers but you can also create busy binders with these letter mats!

This Letter Writing Alphabet Practice Pack includes:

  • Play-dough letter mats mats
  • Trace, color, and find it activities
  • A coloring page with each letter and everything that starts with that particular letter
  • Build the letter with popsicle sticks
  • Make the letter with - manipulatives such as mini erasers, also great for the dot markers, and garage sale stickers (use these multiple ways)
  • Build the letter with pom-poms. This is great for sensory bin work!
  • Build the letter with shapes
  • Build the letter with snap cubes

Beginning Sounds Alphabet Playdoh Mats

Use these beginning sounds alphabet playdough mats for a fun fine motor literacy center today! It includes over 120 different playdoh mats for your students to learn beginning sounds in a fun hands-on way! This beginning sound activity makes a great literacy center and contains 3-6 pictures for each letter.

Students will create the picture shown on the playdoh mat while recognizing the beginning sound. They will read and create the image with play-dough that begins with that letter.

Over 500 pages of worksheet free fun! Completely hands-on alphabet practice for beginning sounds, letter tracing.

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