Fun Student Reward Ideas for Elementary

Rewards play a crucial role in motivating and engaging students in the classroom. When students are rewarded for their hard work and achievements, they are more likely to feel valued and appreciated, which can lead to increased motivation and engagement. Additionally, student rewards can help create a positive classroom environment by promoting a sense of community and encouraging positive behavior. Whether you are looking for whole class ideas or individual rewards here we share our seven favorite reward ideas for individual students or for the entire class. These ideas are perfect to use throughout the entire year and will make your class memorable too!

The Benefits of Student Rewards

Many students are motivated through external forces such as rewards and acknowledgment from outside sources. When classrooms use rewards they are more focused and attentive in class, which can lead to better retention of information. Furthermore, students are also more likely to participate in class discussions and activities, which can lead to a more dynamic and interactive classroom environment.

Motivated and engaged students also benefit the classroom community as a whole. For example, they are more likely to collaborate with their peers and contribute positively to group projects which can lead to a more cohesive and supportive classroom environment.

Character Tags

One of our favorite student rewards is through the use of character tags! In my room, I hung up chain necklaces underneath their assigned number. Throughout the year and whenever I caught them being kind and staying on task I gave them a reward. Next, students would put the tags on their necklace chain throughout the year. This was an ongoing thing for us and my students loved it!  Finally, on the last day of school, they got to take home their necklace and they loved looking through everything they earned throughout the year. You can check out my favorite character tags here!

Escape Room Party

shows a fun syllable counting escape room game where students collect clues and count syllables of different picture cluesLet’s say your students completed their best behavior chart or a whole classroom reward. Why not celebrate with a fun escape room party! Once a quarter when my students hit the goal we would do a big escape room. I love escape rooms because students need to work together to finish the room and review skills too. Check out our fun escape room games for your room here.

Class Game Day

For a whole class reward have students bring in their favorite game from home and play! Having a game day is a great way for rewards and to enhance critical thinking skills! Furthermore, the student who brings in the game is the expert and can teach and maybe even write an informational piece on the directions. Also, you can use mini game days for individual student rewards to honor those who have met a behavior goal or academic goal too.

Pizza Party

For a full class reward, why not have a pizza party? Everyone loves a good lunch date together. However, a pizza party does not mean the whole class has to join. Use a pizza party as an individual rewards plan idea too.

Technology-Based Rewards 

Incorporating technology into the classroom is important for engaging digital natives. Technology-based reward ideas include virtual field trips or special online game days where students can use educational apps or websites to reinforce what they’ve learned in class.

Experiential Rewards for Real-World Learning

Real-world learning experiences can help students connect what they’ve learned in the classroom to the world around them. Experiential reward ideas include a visit to a local museum or a special guest speaker who can provide real-world examples of what students have learned in class.

Social Rewards for Positive Behavior and Attitude

Positive behavior and attitude are important for creating a positive classroom environment. Social reward ideas include a class dance party or a special lunch with the teacher as a reward for consistently exhibiting positive behavior.

Implementing Rewards for Long-Term Success

In conclusion, student rewards play an important role in creating a positive classroom environment that promotes motivation, engagement, and academic success. By implementing creative and personalized rewards that recognize individual progress, teamwork, positive behavior, and real-world learning experiences, teachers can help boost student confidence and motivation for long-term success.

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