Teaching Kids About the Weather Activities and Ideas

teaching weather through fun crafts and activities for preschool and kindergarten shows a sunny day imageThe weather is a fun teaching thing to teach to preschool and kindergarten kids. Understanding the weather helps children to be prepared for different weather conditions and to appreciate the world around them. 

When I was a child I thought whatever the weather is where I was is how it was across the world. It blew my mind the first time my grandparents told me it was snowing there and it was not snowing at my house. The joys of young minds! Which is why it is important to teach littles about the weather. 


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Exploring Rain

When it comes to rain there are a few things that come to my mind like the way it smells and feels. When talking about the rain making posters is a great idea for talking about how it feels, smells, and even tastes! They can also sing rain songs and create art too!

Creating rain art is another way to explore this type of weather. Children can use different materials such as paint or tissue paper to create a rainy day scene. This activity helps them understand how rain looks and feels. Furthermore, when teaching about rain kids can make rain sticks too. This is always a big hit and it sounds similar to rain. 

Investigating Sunshine

Children can learn about the sun by discussing its role in weather patterns and how it affects temperature. They can also make sun catchers and sun prints using construction paper or other materials.

Conducting experiments with sunlight is another way to investigate sunshine. Children can use magnifying glasses or prisms to explore how sunlight behaves differently depending on the angle at which it hits an object. Another idea for a project is creating a sundial by tracing shadows of objects in the morning, afternoon, and in later in the afternoon. Shadows shift and change just like the temperature does throughout the day. Next, kids can discuss patterns between the temperature and where the shadows move. Also, kids can use black construction paper and apply sunscreen to the page. They can make some scenes or even a sun. Next, have kids leave it outside to bake all day. Then, when kids bring in their sun screen paper they will see how the black has faded everywhere except for where the sunscreen is, which also makes a great lesson on why sunscreen is important.

Making Weather Observations

Setting up a weather station is an excellent way for children to make daily observations of the weather. Recording daily weather observations also helps children analyze weather patterns. They can use the data they collect to make predictions about future weather conditions and to understand how different types of weather are related.

Weather-Related Crafts

Creating weather-themed art projects is a fun way for children to explore different types of weather. They can make paper snowflakes, rain sticks, or wind chimes. These activities help children understand how different types of weather look and feel.

Making weather instruments is another way to explore weather-related crafts. Children can make a barometer or a wind vane using simple materials such as straws and paper cups. These activities help children understand how different types of weather are measured.

Building a weather diorama is another fun activity for children. They can create a miniature scene that represents different types of weather, such as a snowy landscape or a sunny beach.

Weather-Themed Games

Playing weather-themed games is an excellent way for children to learn about different types of weather. Weather bingo is a fun game that teaches children about different types of precipitation, such as rain, snow, and sleet. Doing weather scavenger hunts is another fun activity that helps children learn about different types of weather.

Participating in weather charades is another fun game that teaches children about different types of weather. Children can act out different types of precipitation or other weather-related phenomena.

Teaching young children about the weather is essential for their development and understanding of the world around them. By exploring rain, investigating sunshine, making weather observations, creating weather-related crafts, and playing weather-themed games, children can develop a lifelong interest in science and the natural world. Encouraging children to continue exploring the world around them will help them become curious learners who are excited about discovering new things every day.

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