The Best Edible Slime Recipe

shows edible homemade slime that is a bright pink and red color



We love messy play! I know it is not for everyone but at our house we are all about exploring through our senses no matter how mess it gets! This edible slime is easy to clean up, fun, and it is super easy to make!

Edible Slime Recipe

  • one jello packet (sugar free)
  • one cup of cornstarch
  • 1/3 cup of water (give or take) 

Edible Slime Directions

  • Grab a bowl and mix in the corn starch and jello packet.
  • Next, add in water slowly till it has the consistency you want.

One time we made it with less water and it was less messy and could go from a solid to a liquid really. It was so much fun! This time we added more water to the mixture and it was way more messy. It stuck to our hands more and the container. We suggest adding in water slowly until you find the right consistency for your liking!

We consider this edible slime recipe as a science activity because mixing and making observations are a big part of science. When we mix the jello, water, and cornstarch together the ingredients change texture, color, and more. To further our understanding we talk about what slime is, what it means, why these ingredients turn into slime, and more. By asking critical thinking questions we are focusing on higher level thinking and getting kids to ask bigger questions and dive into learning more. If you are like us you might try our fun outdoor science ideas which you can find here.

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