Toddler, Preschool, and Kindergarten Counting Activities

If you are looking for some fun and easy counting activities to do with your toddler, preschooler, or kindergartner, you have come to the right place! These preschool counting activities are low prep, hands-on, and fun! These three counting activities are sure to get your little ones engaged and excited about learning their numbers.

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Teaching Numbers Through Hands-On Activities


Counting to 20 activity bundle shows clothes pins matching numbers to the correct amountFirst of all, teaching numbers and counting can easily be incorporated into a child’s environment. For example, counting the number of people in a room, the number of blue toys, pieces of candy, etc., are all simple counting activities. These number sense activities make teaching numbers and counting easier because the child is learning through their environment. After a child has a grip on counting, they can start matching the written number to the amount of a given object. Engaging activities teaching numbers of written number form to match a specific quantity can help students grasp counting quicker.

Clip Cards Number Sense Activities

Counting to 20 activity bundle shows clothes pins matching numbers to the correct amountMake learning fun with these counting numbers 0-20 activities and clip cards! Perfect for math centers in preschool and kindergarten, and first grade! There is over 280 counting number clip cards total. Your students will count numbers 0-20. They will also identify tallies, written form, number form, dice, numbers on a tens frame, and dominoes. These 0-20 activities are perfect for morning work, independent math activities, early finishers, math centers, and small group work! Grab these clip card number sense activities here!

Use these easy prep counting numbers 0-20 activities for your math centers all year round. Just print, laminate, and cut. Then, put out some clip cards at a math center and rotate them throughout the year. Easily split up the task cards to focus on different number ranges based on what your students can do independently. Not only will these counting activities engage your students, but they will increase fine motor skills too! Learn more about these clip card number sense activities here!

Fun Counting to 20 Worksheets

number worksheets shows the number 2 with play-dough the word traced and the word two paintedGrab these no-prep numbers 0-20 worksheets for your preschool and kindergarten math centers here! There are five counting mats per number 0 -20. Each number 0 to 20 worksheet mat allows students to create, draw, write, and engage through fun hands-on learning experiences. Easily use these mats for preschool counting activities and math centers.


Print these numbers 0-20 worksheets once and reuse them all year long! Your students will love how interactive these numbers 0 -20 worksheets are and will enjoy the different mats and manipulates they can use to build each number.

No Prep Numbers 0-20 Worksheets Include

  • Play-dough mat tracing
  • Small manipulative mats such as pom-poms or mini erasers
  • Snap cube build the number mat
  • Trace the number mat
  • Decorate/rainbow write the number

 In addition, with these number mats, students will trace each number, learn the number using tally marks, dominos, dice, and practice the written word form for each number 0 to 20. Make sure to grab these no prep counting to 20 worksheets here!

Task Card Counting Activities

counting to 20 math centers show three part puzzle pieces to match written number form to word form to amount of dotsIncrease hands-on movement with these counting to 20 task cards and puzzle pieces. Perfect for a preschool and kindergarten math center. Prep once and use all year long for counting to 20 math review! Just print, laminate, and cut these 48 task cards! Learn more about these task card counting activities here!

These preschool counting activities are great for toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten students. If your child can only count to five, you can use these counting activities, and as they learn more numbers and the written form, you can add in more clip cards, task cards, and puzzles. 

Are you looking for more ways to help your child or student learn counting? Check out the counting bundle at a discount price here! The activities in this bundle are perfect for hands-on learners and will help your little one master counting to 20. Plus, these activities are fun and engaging, so your child will love learning with them. Get started today and see how much progress your child makes in no time!

Counting to 20 activity bundle shows clothes pins matching numbers to the correct amount

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