Toddler and Preschool Thanksgiving Activities

Check out these fun toddler and preschool Thanksgiving activities! These activities will help create long lasting memories with your child or students and they are just fun!

Turkey Snack Activity

These Turkey Cocoa-Krispies Treats are a fun snacktivity after you read your favorite Thanksgiving book with your little ones! Click here for more information.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Craft

This easy activity is great for fine motor skills too! Grab a cardboard box and cut out a circle. Then have your child cut strips of orange paper into squares, they can even rip them too. Then, cut the outside edge of the cardboard to make it look like a pie crust. Next,  have your students or child glue the orange pieces in the middle. Finally, add on some cotton balls for a whip cream effect!

Turkey Wooden Craft Stick Activity

Another favorite Thanksgiving themed activity is this easy craft stick painting! Have your child or students paint the wooden craft sticks fall colors. Next, have them lay out the feathers in the pattern they want. Then, glue the brown painted craft sticks on top to hold everything together. Finally, add some eyes and a beak!

Easy Turkey Hand Print Craftivity


This is another favorite turkey activity using a toilet paper roll and construction paper! First have students or child trace their hand and cut it out on 3-4 different colored paper. They might need help with this part! Next, have them paint the toilet paper roll brown. Finally, glue on the hand print feathers, add some eyes, and a beak!


Cardboard Turkey Painting


Cut out a rectangle from any cardboard box. Next, have your students or child trace the shoe in the middle for a turkey body. Then, draw some feathers around it. Finally, add some paint to the feathers and paint away!


Paper Plate Turkey Sponge Painting Activity

This easy sponge-painted turkey craft gives little ones the chance to work on their fine motor skills while creating a fun craft for Thanksgiving! Check out more Thanksgiving ideas here!


Free Turkey Counting Activity

After creating the sponge turkey reuse it for this turkey bag counting activity! This Find the Turkey in a Bag game includes a FREE download with turkey numbers and ten frames 1-10. Your little ones will have a blast working on number identification and subitizing while also having fun! Grab this free activity here!


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