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preschool alphabet activities shows the letter s and someone traced, colored, and wrote the capital and lowercase letter s for a fun alphabet tracing activity



If you are looking for a fun and interactive way to help your child practice letter tracing, look no further! These printable letter tracing worksheets are perfect for young learners. With loads of different activities to choose from, your child will have plenty of opportunities to improve their skills. So why not get started today? Click here to snag this printable letter tracing worksheet pack and start using it today!

Why Letter Tracing is Important

When you write a sentence on a piece of paper, do you notice how you start each letter at the top? This is a skill you learn in school and the early years of your educational career. Letter tracing worksheets are essential for students to practice the correct letter formation to write sentences as they mature and grow. However, we believe in making learning fun and incorporating the necessary skills for letter formation. Therefore, we have our hands-on letter tracing worksheets ready to go. There are 12 activities per letter, and kids will practice tracing both capital and lowercase letters.

Letter Tracing Worksheets

hands-on alphabet activity shows the capital letter m made out of dotsEngage your students and kids with these letter tracing worksheets that provide hands-on learning experiences. Just print and go or easily place these tracing letter worksheets in sheet protectors for busy binders and alphabet warm-up activities. Students will create each letter (capital and lowercase) using:

  • Pom-poms
  • Geometric shapes
  • Math cubes
  • Dot markers
  • Play-doh
  • Buttons, stickers, mini erasers, and more objects to fit inside the letter bubbles
  • Complete coloring pages

There are 12 printables per letter, and several include letter tracing activities at the bottom of the page to help students practice their fine motor skills and letter formation.

When you laminate or place these trace letter worksheets in sheet protectors, easily reuse these letter activities when you need a quick activity to cook dinner, answer a phone call, on the road for screen-free entertainment or get a bit of work done. These tracing letter worksheets are perfect for centers, early finisher folders, homeschooling parents, at-home use, or a quick substitute activity in the classroom.

Want to try a sample of these tracing letter worksheets? Click here to snag our letter A tracing printables for free!

Encourage Students with these Letter Packs

shows the letter s made out of snap cubes and tracedFurthermore, it’s essential to encourage students and kids to use the correct hand grip when tracing the letters. For example, we place a pom-pom in our kids’ hands to hold with three fingers so their thumb and pointer have the pencil, or dry erase marker correctly. As we graduate from the pom-pom, we use special whale pencil grips and will change as we master the correct pencil grip. Secondly, we do not just hand out these no-prep letter worksheets without showing them how to trace each letter correctly. Our goal is to demonstrate each letter formation and provide students with the correct tools and hands-on experiences to write and build each letter. Lastly, by showing how to write each letter and how to use each printable, students will understand their “job” and work towards completing the task.

Letter Formation and Pencil Grip Tips

Whether you are homeschooling or using these letter tracing worksheets in your classroom, please make sure students practice their handgrip and trace the letters from the top down. Both skills are supercritical as they complete these letter tracing activities. If your child or student is starting, we suggest having them hold a pom-pom with their three fingers and holding the pencil with their thumb and pointer. Using a pom-pom is easier for a child to hold and less painful than a pencil grip. Then, as students continue to work with their handgrip, they can move up into using a pencil grip finger holder or just holding the pencil themselves. We have seen great success using this pom-pom method.

Hands-on Letter Printables

preschool alphabet tracing worksheet shows the letter a made out of shapesThese hands-on letters printable worksheets are no-prep, expose students to letters and their sounds, include hands-on activities, and allow them to trace each letter capital and lowercase and learn how to write each letter correctly. We use these letter worksheets at home to practice our letters. Check out this blog post on our letter m activities to see how we use these tracing worksheets and our fine motor alphabet activities.

We hope you enjoy these tracing letter worksheets as much as we do. They are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who are just starting to learn their letters. If your child is older, check out our other handwriting worksheets that focus on correct letter formation and speed. Happy learning! You can grab a copy of our tracing letter worksheets by clicking here!

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