Valentine's Escape Room Challenge for Lower Elementary

Valentine's Day escape room and party game for kids preschool and kindergarten shows clue #2 with shapes, missing numbers, and the word pig


We all know kids are extra crazy during Valentine’s Day and the parties?! Forget about any learning taking place. That is why we created the ultimate Valentine’s Day escape room challenge for lower elementary.  This game is for preschool and kindergarten students and they can complete the escape room in small groups on their own.


Valentine’s Escape Room Benefits

The benefits of this escape room is students can complete it on their own by using the QR codes. There are a variety of standards and concepts students will practice with this game. Easily use the QR codes to differentiate your escape room by letting some groups scan them and some read the directions. Also, this Valentine’s game includes an extra tracing worksheet and drawing activity to fill in any extra time.

Valentine’s Day Escape Room Focuses on:

  • Rhyming
  • Letter recognition matching capital and lowercase letters
  • Missing Numbers for preschool numbers 0-10 and for kindergarten numbers 0-20
  • Shapes and colors circle, triangle, oval, square, rectangle, and heart
  • Beginning sounds
  • Problem solving
  • Tracing letters and drawing activity

How to Set up this Valentine’s Day Game

  1. Split your class into groups of 5-6
  2. See how many groups you have and prep that many sets of this escape room
  3. Color code each group. For example, the green group only looks for green clues. the pink group only looks for pink clues.
  4. Gather up 6 envelopes per group. You will write clue #1 all the way through clue #6 per each group in the correct color.
  5. Print off a student record sheet front to back for each student. Print off the early finisher page too if you would like to use it!
  6. Follow the directions for each set of clues. each group will need a QR code scanner or you saying the directions to them.

So if you are looking for a fun way to practice and review a variety of skills and still celebrate Valentine’s Day we know you will love this fun escape room and game to play with your preschool and kindergarten students.


Download it here today!

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