Engaging Winter Theme Escape room and STEM Activities

Engage your students this winter season with our exciting winter escape room, STEM, and craft activities! These hands-on activities are perfect for preschool and kindergarten students to learn while having fun.

Winter STEM Projects

Our winter STEM activities include a melting ice project where students will use different ingredients to melt ice and record their observations. They will also get to use their creativity to build a house for a snowman and measure how tall their snowman is using objects supplied by you.

We love to incorporate hands-on and STEM learning practices into our daily routine. So make sure to check out our winter science experiments here.

Winter Theme Printable Escape Room

In our winter escape room, students will focus on counting tens frame snowman buttons, simple addition all  to solve the mystery of who stole the snowman’s hat! With five clues to solve, this activity can be done in small groups using an envelope system. Once the mystery is solved, students can write the answer in a sentence and draw a picture too. 

This is super easy for students to complete in small teams, so you do not need to worry about helping each group every single step of the way. In fact escape rooms are a great way to learn how to work with each other and practice cooperation skills. For more information on the importance of using printable escape rooms click here.

Winter Theme Craft

Finally, our winter craft activity allows students to build their own snowman using fine motor skills to cut out circles, a hat, and more. This can be used as a writing craftivity or simply as a fun craft project during the cold month!

Overall, these winter escape room, STEM, and craft activities are perfect for engaging your students while teaching them important skills. Get ready for some winter fun! Ready to download? Purchase here!

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